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I had always wanted to fuck her.  But then again who hadn’t?  She was absolutely stunning and had an innocence about her that every guy [and probably girl] out there had wanted to corrupt.
They always make it seem as though Catholic school girls are such whores because of all the supposed pent up sexual tension.  But not her.  April was different.  She was probably the only senior girl in the entire school that was still a virgin.
And don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t some preachy, holier-than-thou, stuck up bitch.  She was just a nice person with her own set of rules.  If only I got to tap that before all the, uh, unpleasantness.


April was always kind of a loner, but you didn’t really notice unless you were really watching her like I was.  Sure, everyone talked to her in class and she accepted invites to study groups and the like; but she was so fucking hot that most of the girls secretly hated her and the boys were generally too nervous to approach her.  She smiled her way through the halls and corridors, but I could tell that she was lonely.
I wanted to talk to her—take her out and just make everything alright for her.  But I just didn’t have the balls for it.  One time someone wrote her name and number in the boys’ locker room bathroom stalls under the words “For a good time call.”  Everyone knew it was a lie, but I took the information down anyway.  And on one desperation laced night, after cleaning up an onslaught of sticky tissues from my bedroom floor, I dialed her number.  Apparently I wasn’t the first to have tried it though, and after ten seconds of nervous mouth-breathing giving me away I got cursed out and hung up on. 
Another time I thought that I had seen her staring at me from across the room in the library.  But it turned out that I was just sitting right under the clock and she really wanted to be done with study hall.
In addition to being gorgeous, she was also quite smart and a little feisty.  And I think the feisty is what started the whole thing.


Ahmed had a thing for feisty girls.  And with April’s good looks, witty comebacks and that special teenage affinity for making really bad decisions, he kind of got hooked on her like the rest of us.  Ahmed was probably the cockiest guy in school and being a senior didn’t really help his ego any.  He was good-looking, his family had money and the best part was that he was extremely—Italian.  Yeah.  People used to give him shit about his name all the time, but it never really seemed to bother him.  Rumor had it that his mom used to be in the Peace Corps and named him after some guy that had saved her life while she was overseas.  The locker room rumor was that his mom fucked some Arab dude on the side while she and his dad were on the outs.  I never really got a straight answer on that one.
He and I were cool with one another until everything went down.  But we don’t really talk much anymore. So, that kind of sucks.
Senior year was going by pretty damn fast and we were all going a little stir crazy sitting through classes that most of us believed that we didn’t need.  Calculus was turning my brain to mush and Mr. Robins excused himself for a few moments while we went to work on the problem that he had left us on the board.
Ahmed was working on his latest ploy to discover whether or not Ella Kendrick was wearing and underwear, and he “dropped” his pencil to the floor watching it roll beneath the desk to the left of Ella.  Her regulation length plaid skirt had been hoisted up well past the point of decent.  And I sure as hell didn’t mind.
“Would you mind getting that Ella? God!  I’m such a klutz!” Ahmed told her with the gravest sincerity.  That fag was such a good actor.
“Sure!” she giggled as she bent down for the pencil that was just out of reach.  Her fingers made a tight army crawl over the wooden floor as her skirt rose higher and higher over the precipice of her firm, round ass.  I could totally see cheek from where I was sitting.  Yum.  She finally grabbed hold of the pencil and popped back up with an idiotic sort of grin and look of self-satisfaction, her hair slightly tussled.
“Thank you so much Ella!  You rock!” he said, placating her ego.
“Anytime,” she replied with a tiny wink.  Yeah, she was that easy.
Ahmed passed me a note only a few seconds later:

I told you she wasn’t wearing any.

To which I replied:

It could have been a thong.

He scrunched up his face and said aloud, “Dammit!  You might be right!”
Everyone stared at him for a moment and then resumed their work.  Everyone except April.  She picked up a pen and scribbled out a note.  She folded it carefully and since [as fortune would have it] she sat next to me, she asked me to pass it to Ahmed.   One of the few times she talked to me and it was for another guy.  Ugh.  He gave her a strange look and opened it with great fervor.

She isn’t.  The girls’ locker room doesn’t lie.

He laughed out loud and scratched out a note to pass back to her.  I really hated being their messenger boy.  The paper was folded up, so I have no idea what the return letter said, but after reading it she crumpled it up and flipped him off.
“She totally wants me,” he told me after class.
“Maybe she just wanted to be part of the conversation.  She doesn’t really talk to anyone unless it’s about school.  What the hell did you say to piss her off so badly?” I asked.
“Ha-ha… I told her that if she wanted to let me know if she was wearing any, she could drop by my house tonight and show me.”
“Yeah.  That looks like it went pretty well,” I replied dryly.
“She wants the cock,” he said walking away to his next class.
I thought to myself about what a tool Ahmed was and how April would never go for anything as slick as a line like that.  But it turns out I was wrong.  I looked back at April and saw her coolly approach Ahmad.  She wasn’t all giggly and half-retarded like the girls that he was accustomed to.  She actually had tact.  After a few painstaking moments of watching them exchange words, I saw her give him a hint of a smile and a nod, leaving him with an evil grin on his face as she walked away.
I caught up with him later that day and he filled me in on the situation.
“Dude.  She is totally going to go out with me,” he said as though he hardly believed it himself.
“Oh really?  What are you guys going to do?  Hold hands at the movies?” I asked snidely, trying to hide my jealousy.
“Uh, no.  I, my friend, am taking April Morgan to the library for a study date tonight.  And I’m dropping her off at home afterwards.”  He was so proud of himself.  I couldn’t have that.
“Wow. A study date. Hardcore. That’s kind of a change of pace for you, isn’t it?”
“Hey, you can hate all you want, but I don’t see you, or any other guy for that matter, on any kind of date with her.  So, I think that means that I win,” he said smugly.
I didn’t exactly know what to say.  He had me beat.  I was just another poor loser with a crush on the cutest girl in school.  How very Charlie Brown of me.
So, I wished him the best of luck and admitted defeat.  That chick Kelly in history kinda had a thing for me. Plenty of other fish in the sea, I guess.  And Ahmed was always a pretty standup friend.  I just thought he was kinda douchetastic when it came to the ladies.  Meh. 


“Holy crap, bro,” said Ahmed, giddy as a school girl.  “This chick is just begging for it!  Fuck!”  Apparently his study date with April had gone as he had planned and then some.  “Seriously dude.  April may look all innocent, but she is super kinky!”
I raised an eyebrow and asked him to explain.
“Dude, check this.  She has never had a boyfriend before and never even kissed a guy.  But last night we totally made out in front of her house.  She was ferocious!”
I cringed at the thought.
“I was about to go further.  I started putting my hand up her thigh.  But she told me that she wasn’t interested in that.  I asked her what she was interested in, and—Fuck, dude!  I swear if the lights hadn’t come on in front of her place, I probably would have gotten a wicked blowjob!  I bet you anything she is the kind of girl that practices on popsicles and stuff.”
“Yeah, I seriously doubt that.” [But then totally started picturing it.]
“No, really!  She had her hands on my zipper and everything!”
“Okay, but that isn’t exactly something that would go in the kinky category,” I said gathering my supplies and cramming them in my bag.
“No,” he said with a hard look on his face.  “The kinky shit was what she told me at the library.  We were doing the math homework for Robin’s class and she started talking about mathematicians and she went on about Descartes and from that she went to famous French authors and finally she started talking about the Marquis de Sade.  It got, uh, pretty intense.”
“Ha-ha… So, what?  She wants to spank you?” I laughed at him.
“Actually, more like the other way around,” he said with a fucked up hunger in his eyes.  “She says that she has a strict ‘no penetration’ policy, but that she has always wanted to find someone that she could trust to ‘experiment’ with.  God, I’m getting stiff again just thinking about her using the word penetration.”
“Yeah, too much info there, man.”
“Heh, whatever.  I know you want her just as much as everyone else.  Just be fucking happy for me.”
I scoffed and looked away.
“I know that I can get this one.  This is going to be so fucking hot.”
“I think she was just fucking with your head.  No way this is happening.”
“Oh, hell yeah it is,” he said deviously.  “And when it does, it’s gonna be a special kind of fucked up.”
He had no fucking idea.


I sat finishing my history homework in the nearby park and was wondering about getting Kelly Sheaf’s phone number, when all of a sudden Ahmed came up to my table carrying a clear bag from the local hardware store.  He set it down on the table and the wind played with the flimsy plastic handles.
“What’s all that?” I asked cautiously.
“It’s the items of a particular nature that April asked me to pick up for our little adventure tonight,” he said with a shit-eating grin.  I rummaged through the bag and my confusion was blatantly obvious.
“What the hell are you going to do with rope, bungee cord and electrical tape?”
“Dude, I told you she was kinky!  She wants me to tie her up and spank her!  I asked her what was in it for me and she said she had me handled.”
“What if that means something completely different that what you think it means?  What if you get there and she shoots you up with some drug and ties you down and rapes you in the ass with a cucumber?”
He sat there for a moment thinking about it.  I could practically see the hamster falling off its wheel.
“Naw, bro!  She wouldn’t do that,” he said cautiously.  “Besides, we are going to my house and we will be on my turf.  My house is a fucking cucumber-free zone.  Trust me.”
“Hah! It’s not like you’d tell anyone about it anyway.  Hell, for all I know you’re still a virgin and made up all those stories about all those chicks that you supposedly banged.”
“Woah!  I would never joke about banging a chick!”
“Yeah, well it’s not like you can prove it,” I said in a challenging tone.
“What if I could?” he asked in a sinister voice.
I thought about it for a second and got a bad feeling as to where this was going. 
“Uh, well.  It’s not like you can go back and prove anything,” I said uneasily. 
“Who said anything about going back?  I could just showcase my talents in other venues to prove my, er, considerable abilities.”
“That’s pretty fucked up man”
“Yeah, but it would be pretty epic.  I mean, I could finally put that webcam that I bought to good use.  And to think—I thought the only people I would ever be using it to talk to were my cousins living in Australia.”  He looked off into the distance as if he hadn’t thought of his family in a long time.  Interesting thought process that guy has.  “Anyway, my current conquest would be aptly broadcast for a select few to see.”
“Dude, no one wants to see your cock.  I know I don’t!” I protested.
“Sure you don’t you fag,” he mocked sarcastically.  “You swear like that is all that it would be.  I can make sure that certain things don’t make it to the small screen.  But you’d better believe that you’ll see April Morgan’s face wincing in agony as I’m hitting it from the back—hard!”
That made me want to punch him in the fucking face.
            “Yeah, well I for one don’t need to see that.  And I can’t really think of anyone else that would wanna see your needle dick either.  So let’s just not and say we did,” I told him steadily as I packed up my history homework. 
            “Whatever, man.  I’ll catch ya later with all the wet and juicy details!” he grinned.
            Ugh.  I didn’t want to see April get hurt.  And I totally didn’t want to see April get fucked by one of my only friends. Literally.  That would just be wrong.  But on the other hand it would totally serve Ahmed right if he broadcast his exploits and ended up getting an ass-full of the grocery store’s most well-endowed produce.


            So there I was, sitting at my computer desk, trying to get my shit together for school [and maybe playing a few rounds of solitaire since I’m such a fucking rebel], when suddenly I get an instant message from Ahmed. 

             Hey you lucky bastards that happened to be online tonight!  Lock your doors, turn up your headsets and get out the Jergen's!  Click this shit in fifteen!

           There was a link attached and when I opened it up I was on some random webcam site that was on a blank screen.  Did I really want to sit around and wait for this?  It looked like that dick sent out at least 50 invites to this.  It was probably going to turn out to be some bullshit anyway.  April had to be leading him on.  If she even showed up it would probably just be a webcam show where a guy opens a bag of random crap and gets rejected and laughed at.  So after a few minutes of thinking, I got out my headset  [Okay, it was already out from raiding with some guild members online. Fuck you.] and a bag of Bugles that I had stashed in a drawer.  Sometimes a man needs snacks for his movies. 
           After waiting for what seemed like forever, a giant hand comes up on the screen and Ahmed starts talking through how he envisions the evening unfolding.
           "Alright gentlemen," he starts, talking like the damn Moviefone guy. "If you were fortunate enough to get my invite to this amateur voyeuristic endeavor of mine, then hold on to your hats, because it's going to be go time in just a few moments.  I just received a text from our lovely lady 'Mistress Spring'," and I swear to God he made a fucking cat noise right there, "and she will be here in three minutes!  Mistress Spring is unaware of our little broadcast this evening, but I am not completely insensitive and will be having her identity concealed before she enters the room.  I sincerely hope that this will put an end to any doubts that I have--"
           And before he could finish making an ass out of himself the doorbell rang.  He knocked the camera over in his rush to get ready, but then soon came back to fix it and make sure that it was out of sight.  His parents really were out of town, so I wasn't sure how this was going to play out, but I was torn between hoping for action and hoping for disappointment.  I eyed my "beat box" that was hanging out from under the corner of my bed and let out a tiny whimper.  (And if you don't know what a "beat box" is... Well, let's just say it's not the kind that has anything to do with music.)  
           It seemed like it had been almost ten minutes without anything happening on the screen.  I figured he just didn't want to get embarrassed on the internet, but then my jaw dropped.  There she was, April Morgan, 5'5", flowing blonde hair, tight little body--with a crappy little cat mask and ears on her head and her hands bound with red electrical tape behind her back.  That's it.  That's all she was fucking wearing.  I was going out of my damn mind!  
          "Alright, Mistress Spring, we both know the rules," Ahmed said in a velvety man-whore voice. "I can look all I want, but I can't touch--unless it's to punish you for being such a bad kitty!"
          "Yes, Master, but remember how serious this is.  You can touch and spank and lick and kiss, but absolutely nothing is entering anywhere.  Got it?" she said very serious tone just to show how serious she was.  Seriously. 
         "Yes, ma'am!" he said taking off his clothes.  "Now what did you want me to do with all this stuff?"
         "Master, if there is one thing that I can't teach you, it's how to take charge.  Now figure out how to get creative quickly and do it now!"
         So he did.  The camera was mounted to the headboard of the bed and he didn't have anything at a very good angle at first, so we couldn't really see much at all, but eventually he managed to get her body parallel to the headboard and it was all pretty visible.  He used the rest of the electrical tape to wrap around her chest about ten times so that she had kind of a makeshift strapless bra that had the nipples poking out.  He took some of the rope and hogtied her so that she was on her knees with that tight ass in the air.  This was getting pretty hot.  
         He used the bungee cord and attached it to the tape binding her hands together so that he had kind of a leash.  "This way when you are busy sucking my cock, you can take it easy for a bit and I'll just pull you back and forth with my elastic lead.  Creative enough for you, Mistress?"
        She sighed in approval. 


        I think that now this is a really good place to stop and tell you something.  I know, I know, it was just getting good and blah, blah, blah.  But trust me, it's about to get pretty damn NOT good in a minute here.  Haven't you assholes heard of foreshadowing?  Or at least read a book where the narrator kept saying shit like "But little did we know that was the last time we were gonna see Frank" or some shit like that?  I'm sure you literary types out there picked up on that since I think I've been doing a pretty decent job narrating this.
       Anyway, some bad shit is about to go down in a second here.  So those of you who are sensitive might wanna stop reading this right now.  If you do, I'll pretty much consider you to be a giant pussy for a while, but I will respect your decision.  Last chance!  Alright.  Don't say you weren't warned.


        So there she was, all tied up, sighing and panting, waiting for some "punishment."  I think all of us watching were eager to find out what the punishment was.  I know I had my ideas.  
        "Has my Mistress been a bad girl?" Ahmed asked coyly.
        "Yes, Master," she replied in the most innocent manner.
        "Then I suppose now I will have to give you spankings," he said calmly.  He pulled his boxers off and threw them in the corner of the room.  I was quite thankful that the camera angle didn't show his face.  That way I could just pretend I saw some other random dude's porno wang. 
        He took his dick and started using it to smack her on the ass.  Then he walked around to the other side of the bed and smacked her in the face with it.  She winced and let out a very melodramatic "Ow!"  [I really hate when that happens in porn.  When you know it's fake, it's just not the same!] 
        "Master, I really wish y--" she started, but as she opened her mouth he forced his cock down her throat and grabbed that leash he made.  That was probably my favorite part.  He pulled the leash towards his body and she pulled back so she wouldn't choke, but the elastic helped bring her soft, rosy lips right back down the shaft.  You could see the tears welling up in her eyes and you could hear her whimper a bit.  I'm pretty sure this wasn't what she had in mind so soon in their little session.  I would have spanked her some more first.  Always give a lady what she wants.
       "If you want me to let you free, you're going to have to use your tongue a lot more, Mistress," he said in his most commanding voice, the leash in one hand, the back of her head in another.  The whole time she had cock in her mouth, so she couldn't really say anything that we could make out, but you could tell that she wasn't too happy about this and wanted it to be over as soon as possible.  So she put all of that popsicle training to good use and wrapped her tongue around his dick.  [Yeah, I know I'm saying "dick" and "cock" a lot, but I'm not going to use some faggy term like "member" or some bullshit like that. Get over it.]
        He spanked her on the ass leaving a red hand print. We could see her squirming to get her hands free, but it was to no avail.  You could tell he was pretty close to losing it when all of a sudden he looked towards the door which was out of view of the cam and shouted, "No! Bad! Out!"  Then looked back down at a confused April and said "Bitch, I didn't say you could stop!  You're going to swallow it all!" and got back into the rhythm of things.
        About thirty seconds later he cried "Oh shit, baby!" and grabbed her head with both hands as he emptied himself out into her mouth.  There were full fledged tears running down her cheeks.  "Oh, Mistress Spring, that wasn't that bad was it?" he asked in a placating tone.  She nodded sadly and he replied, "Well we'll have to fix that then.  Where are your toys?  We can take care of you now."  
        "Jesus, I left them in the backseat of the car," she said irritated and still in her restraints.
        "Damn.  I thought you grabbed them," he said looking around for his clothes.  "I'll go get them.  I'll be right back!  Don't go anywhere," he laughed.
        "Very funny," she said rolling her eyes.  "I bet you wish I didn't park down by Katie's house now, huh?"  But he had already rushed down the hall, down the stairs and out the front door.  So she just lay there waiting for him to get back, trying to get the salty taste of him out of her mouth.  
        I don't know about everyone else who was watching, but I just stared at the screen watching her squirm.  You could tell that she had an itch somewhere but was unable to scratch it.  It was kind of sad.  I wanted to go over and scratch her nose for her, and maybe she'd be so grateful that... Yeah, that was the most pathetic fantasy ever.  It had only been about ten seconds since Ahmed went out the door, when quite suddenly a giant grey mountain of fur appeared in the room.  It was the family's Great Dane, Rocky.  
       "Huh?  Who's there?" April cried out.  "I swear I-- Oh, hey buddy," she said finally able to turn her head around to see the massive dog.  
       Now I have been to Ahmed's house a few times and even I am afraid of that dog.  It's not that he's mean or anything.  He's just huge!  And a little too friendly.  Yeah...  I told you that this was some fucked up shit here.
       Rocky licked April's feet with his giant dog tongue.  "Stop that! It tickles!" she yelled playfully.  It was funny at first.  But then he put his front legs on the bed and started sniffing her--everywhere.  "Okay, now," she said fearfully, "Down! Sit!"  I was watching and was so afraid for her.  Her naked lady parts were still up in the air and the dog started licking her down there.  [I don't know why I can't say the word for that place, but I just can't.  Especially not in this situation.]  
       Where the hell was Ahmed?  I realized that she said she parked down by Katie Parker's house, probably so no one would see her car out in front of Ahmed's place.  I frantically went for my cell and tried calling Ahmed, but it just rang and rang and went to voice mail.  Dammit.  This was not happening.  But it was, and then it got worse.
       The dog then got on the bed and mounted April like she was some kind of dog prostitute.  She screamed and screamed but the dog would not leave her alone.  Rocky was at least 120 pounds of dog and April was, at best, 110 pounds of girl.  She tried rocking back and forth and rolling over, but once he had her in position there was no going back.
       Those of us watching at home were absolutely horrified.  I wanted to look away, and I did several times, but I wanted to make sure that she was okay at the same time.  I tried calling Ahmed but he never answered and all the while poor April was laying there, tied up, howling and crying while the dog had his way with her.  Then shortly after it had started it was over... Kind of...
       I had once seen my Aunt Sally breed her Cocker Spaniels when I was a kid.  I remember it being really weird and funny because after they finished doing their doggy business they were stuck together, ass to ass.  I asked my aunt what was happening and she told me that that happens every time dogs mate.  I remember looking at the dogs and how ashamed the female dog looked.  And now I saw that same look on April's face.  
       She lay there with her feet and ass hanging over the end of the bed with a dog attached to her.  She just kept crying Ahmed's name in fitful little whimpers and a few minutes later he showed up in absolute shock not even sure what to do.  It took ten minutes to get the dog completely off of her and when the dog was gone she just quietly packed up her stuff, got dressed and walked the walk of shame down to her car.


       So, that's pretty much it.  I've never really been very good at ending stories.  Ahmed's cousins in Australia recorded the whole thing and put it on some sleazy website labeling it as "Catholic Kitty Loses Anal Virginity to Dog."  I still don't think that April knows about the video online, but when she came back to school and some asshat guys started barking at her suggestively when she walked down the hall, she totally lost it and punched Ahmed in study hall.  Right in the face and broke his jaw.  Like I said, she was feisty, but even feisty girls have their weaknesses.  Although, I think getting fucked in the ass by a dog would be a weakness for about 99.99% of the population.  Damn.  I feel dirty just saying that.  
        After breaking Ahmed's jaw at school, April got suspended for a week, and then finished up the rest of the school year on independent study at home.  I saw her around town a few times, but she still never noticed me.  Rumor has it she went off to college on the east coast and is working her way through school as a dominatrix.  Good for her.  
       I couldn't really talk to Ahmed after everything that happened because that was pretty much the worst thing that I've ever seen in my whole life.  And, yes, I know I was the one that clicked on the link to see it all, but I had no idea that it would turn into that.  I don't think that anyone did. 
       Anyway, it didn't all turn out for the worst.  After that I pretty much gave up my dream of asking April out and got Kelly Sheaf's number from a reputable source--not from the inside of a bathroom stall.  She's a really great girl and we've gone out on a few dates now.  We even would have gone all the way by now if it hadn't been for one stupid little thing.  I pulled up her skirt in the backseat of my car and her panties were made out of a fabric that had dogs printed all over them.  Too soon for this guy.  Too soon.

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