Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Distal Tipped Roses

That alternative lesbian chick would always stare at me in biology.  Well, technically she was bi, but when she was staring at me the title of lesbian just seemed more appropriate.  Everyone's a little bi, right?  Right.  They said she was some kind of genius or something--skipped two grades and just kept on going.  She was younger than I was, but she didn't really look it.  She had these really intelligent, piercing brown eyes and this cute little haircut that made her look kinda like a 1950s flight attendant. She was super petite and looked like she would break if you looked at her funny, but at the same time she was rather nicely stacked.  Guys would always drop things in front of her just to get a better view of the back and she was always trying to be sexy to get attention since she was younger and trying to prove herself, so she generally obliged.  I really couldn't tell you what ethnicity she was. She looked like a little bit of everything all rolled into one and she wore it well.  They also said she was adopted, so her last name didn't really help out with any clues in that department. 

She had some issues and I had some issues, so maybe that's what started it all. Her name was Rose. Really.  That isn't some contrived metaphor for beauty that I was trying to sneak in there. Promise. She didn't keep her sexuality a secret--in fact she wore it as a badge. Some girls say that they're bi just to get attention from guys and then puss out when it comes down to it, but she wasn't advertising just to get some extra dick; she just liked to be different. And in a school where most of the student body looked pretty damn similar, that wasn't such a bad thing.  

Anyway, this chick Rose was always staring me down in class.  At first I thought it was because I called her out on forgetting the difference between mitosis and meiosis in front of the whole class, but after a while I could see it was more than that.  There was eyelash batting, hair twirling, pencil chewing--even the time that she did that thing where you flicker your tongue inbetween your middle and index finger when no one else was looking. Sakes alive!  Subtle she was not.  She never hit on me in front of anyone else though like she did with the pretty girls that she made a show of it with, but with them it was more over the top and with me it seemed to be genuine.  At least it seemed like it to me.  It also seemed like it to this pervy kid Curt that was in a few classes with us.  (I was a pervy kid too though, so it was all good.)  He said he noticed Rose eye-fucking me from across the room while he was trying to eye-fuck her to no avail. He was a class act that guy. But he was right.

We didn't have any sort of social interaction at any point and while she was smart and pretty, I was just... smart. Sometimes. So it really surprised me when one day after English class she asked me out to lunch with her and her two friends.  I mean, I'm not saying that I was totally on board to start lessing out or anything just 'cause a hot brunette wanted in my pants, but I wasn't completely closed for business.  So I went out to lunch with them. It was supposed to be super kewl because they had cars and could go off-campus for lunch, but it turned out that her friends were kinda douchy.  The guy that came, Brian, made it perfectly clear that he didn't like me and wanted nothing to do with me and that I was only invited because Rose liked me.  And the girl that was there... Well I am still not exactly sure what she was doing there.  She was some random blonde piece of T & A that was hanging all over Rose.  I really wasn't sure what I was doing there either.  I guess I wanted to take a break from endless days of lonerness writing emo poetry behind the math wing.  I half expected to get ditched and have to walk back to school.  But I went and fortunately that didn't happen.  It really wasn't even that eventful. We got sandwiches at the local supermarket, ate them and came back.  But the whole time Rose was all over Random Blonde and while she was kissing her neck or playfully pulling her hair she just kept staring at me.  When we got back to school and we all jumped out of the tiny cab of Brian's lifted truck, Rose offered me her hand and as I took her right hand her left hand found itself somewhere between my thigh and my lady parts as I lowered myself down.  And I got the bedroom eyes staredown again.  It was disturbing and hot all at once. Dammit.

I already had enough drama in my life, but at least this was distracting drama.  So of course I was all in.  Like I said before, I was always writing poetry or stories or drawing or something like that because I didn't really get along well with my peers too well. I never claimed to be great at it or even good, but it was something to pass the time.  I had been somewhat inspired at that point to write something about Rose and I ended up doing it during English class when I was supposed to be writing something else--because I was such a rebel.  It came out rather trite looking back at it now, but back then I totally thought it was hot and edgy:

Rose is Rose by Several Names

Can't wait to gaze into your eyes
Then dive deep down between your thighs -
Don't care what's right or wrong or wise,
Just close your lids and scream.

Can't wait to taste your luscious lips,
To feel the curvature of your hips,
Then lose in you my distal tips -
If you know what I mean.

Can't wait to lay down on you chest
From all that work I'll need a rest
'Cause after all, babe, I'm the best
And you'll know when you've seen.

Like I said, I was a bit of a perv myself and I was a teenager, so of course it was about sex and not about anything even remotely relevant to building a relationship.  I specifically remember using the phrase "distal tips" because we had just learned the term in bio and I thought that would be clever.  I also remember showing her the poem offhandedly and exuding confidence even though I was terrified inside.  It wasn't that big of a deal because I had a small following of people (and I mean really small) who liked to look at my latest works and I was able to play it off like that.  I could tell she liked it by the way she smirked and I know I turned beat red on accounta the fact that I am so damn white.  She didn't even say anything to me after that, she just kept on with her continual eye-fuckery and went about her business.

My home life sucked and it seemed like her home life sucked too because we both joined a whole bunch of extra-curricular activities to escape it all.  I had been in FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America for all of you people who had lives as a teenager) all throughout high school and I was incredibly active.  Rose had joined our senior year when I was especially active and had somehow ended up on my Parlimentary Procedure team.  (Oh yeah, we were both that cool.)  Both of us knew Robert's Rules of Order backwards and forwards and with the dead weight of two freshman newbs we somehow made it to the state competition.  And that would mean sharing a hotel room.  Gulp.

So I was always kind of shy about changing in front of people in basically any situation: the locker room, casual sex, physical medical exams, etc.  I really didn't look that bad, but I had a few people make me think that I did and that made me all self-conscious.  (Thanks for that gay friend who wanted to see boobs to make sure that he wasn't straight and asshole super-crush who made me bare it all in a game of truth or dare only to tell me how unattractive I was! Just saying!)  So sharing a room with Rose put me in a weird situation.  I was attracted to her, yet at the same time I was self-conscious because she looked like she stepped out of a Victoria's Secret ad and at the very best I might have been on page 45 of the Lane Bryant catalog.  Good times.  So I was being incredibly secretive and changing in the bathroom during the whole thing, trying to avoid... really, everything at that point.  I talked a big game, but I was feeling kinda outta my league here. 

We had to stay in the hotel for three nights and I had done a good job with my defense for the first two nights.  But on the last night we were there I was getting out of the bathroom and I come out to Rose changing out of her business attire. And she looked amazing.  I don't know to this day where she got a pinstripe bra and panty set that perfectly matched her pinstripe skirt, but she had it, and that is what she was wearing when I came in the room.  I wanted to turn tail and run but she said she was having trouble getting her skirt undone and asked if I could help.  I am a sucker for helping people so of course I agreed.  And as her skirt fell to the floor and I found out that they did make pinstriped thongs, I started finding ways to keep myself busy and not gawk.  When she said my name in that sultry voice of hers I thought it would be safe to turn around and start talking about seconding motions and points of order.  But, no. 

I turned around to see an incredibly stunning pair of surprisingly large Hershey kiss nips attached to perfect perky breasts.  I still to this day cannot look at those peanut butter cookies with the chocolate in the middle without that coming to mind!  And as my eyes kept wandering I could see the top of what looked like the infamous "butterfly" pattern emerging between her hips. I was surprised that anyone outside of a porno had time to sit there and actually do that. I dropped whatever the hell I had been fiddling with and just stood there with my mouth wide open like a tard.  And then she asked me all sexy-like if I could hand her the nightgown from her bag.  Double dammit!  I handed it to her but I couldn't stop staring even after she put on the skimpy piece of fabric she called a nightgown.  Who buys a sixteen year old a lace teddy? Really?

From there it was perfectly clear what she had in mind but I was so completely out of my element that I kinda made up an excuse and left the room.  I felt bad because she had put herself out there just like I had before and got rejected--by me of all people.  It wasn't that I didn't want to, it was just that I was all fucked up from other things that had been going on and I couldn't get screwed over again.  So what do I do?  I go down the hall and try and get in the pants of this Filipino guy who I had been talking to off and on throughout the year.  And I get rejected.  Because I was overcompensating and acting all desperate and creepy. So then I am feeling all crappy about myself for a few reasons and I go back to the room and Rose is all pouty in her bed watching television.  Still in her teddy. (Dammit, dammit, dammit...) I didn't say anything to her and she didn't say anything to me for the rest of the night.  We kinda just went to bed and we just pretended like nothing had happened in the morning.  And for those of you who are curious, no, we did not win our competition because it turns out that everyone on your team actually has to be good to win. Go figure.

We still of course had classes together for the rest of the year and we still chatted every now and then, but the gazes from across the room gradually diminished over the last few months of high school.  She graduated with honors like me and she was one of the few people in our little hick town to actually get into a fantastic college and then drop out later for reasons unknown.  She is, was and probably always will be a free spirit. I never really understood her very well and maybe that was a contributing factor to not pushing the envelope there. But that doesn't mean that I don't sometimes regret it. Especially since when I did end up hooking up with a girl for the first time it was not nearly as good as I'm sure it would have been with her. And there were of course other more serious guy issues going on in the forefront, but everytime I pass by a bakery that has those amazing Hershey kiss cookies, I can't help but wonder "what if."

Friday, April 13, 2012


You get a text about ten minutes before class lets out.
“I’m here” is all it says.
You sit through the last few minutes of school wondering if it means what you think it means and as soon as the bell rings you send me a text asking where.
“Two blocks down the street. Don’t keep me waiting!” is my response.
You’ve known that this was coming for a while now, but it didn’t seem to register as something that could actually happen. A few moments of swallowing your nerves and some well scripted phone calls later, you fling your bag over your shoulder and head down the street. 
I can see you walking towards the car I rented, your eyes darting carefully from one face to another, your fingers running anxiously through your hair that you told me the barber messed up.  I think it makes you look nice, albeit somewhat younger, which doesn't ease my mind any.  You accidentally meet a gaze for a brief moment but then glance away until you do a double take and realize that it’s me.
The car window is rolled down all the way and my arm is hanging playfully over the side. I gently tap on the exterior with long unpolished nails and as you get closer all I can manage to let out is a soft “Hi.”
Your eyes become instant best friends with the sidewalk and an even quieter greeting escapes past your lips.  It’s all kind of awkward, but I unlock the passenger side door anyway.  You cautiously get in and throw your bag in the backseat.  You are only two feet away from me and I want to kiss you in the worst possible way, but I know I can’t—not here at any rate. 
I put on some music to ease some of the tension, and as we both reach for the volume knob, our hands touch and we finally look at each other face to face.  You are even more attractive sitting next to me and I know that if I don’t get out of my own head soon that it will take even longer to do what I have come to do.
“So, you have everything all taken care of at home?” I ask in a very matter of fact manner.
“Yeah, I’m staying at a friend’s house all night to study for midterms and to finish a group project for your class.  It’s covered,” you tell me quickly.  The words seemingly trip over one another in a race to escape from your mouth.  
“Hey,” I whisper, leaning in closely and gently placing my hand on your leg, “don’t be nervous.  We can take this as slow as you’d like.”  I resist the urge to kiss your neck and bite your ear.  I straighten up my back and put the car into reverse as you reluctantly lie to me about not being nervous.
“So when we get there, if anyone asks, you’re my cousin.  'Kay?” I say with a devilish smile.
“'Kay,” you blurt out.  I can see you staring out the window from the corner of my eye.  If you look at me it all becomes too real.  I understand.  But that doesn’t stop me from rubbing my hand up and down your leg and raking my nails across your thighs.  I love feeling you tense up beneath me.  This is going to be amazing.
After a few moments of silence and a few miles of freeway, I tell you that you are being too damn quiet.  There are a few more minutes of small talk and nervous laughter from both of us, when we finally arrive at the most ordinary hotel you can possibly imagine.  The laughter dies down and both of us are quiet for a moment.
I get out of the car first and walk around to open the door for you because I am just that cheesy.  You grab your bag from the backseat and we put it in the trunk.  And suddenly there we are, standing together.  The keys jingle softly in my hand and we look each other over for the first time outside of school.  Myriad thoughts race through each of our heads and I can’t help but grab your hand.  I’d do more, but I don’t dare. 
I frantically dig though my purse for the key and catch you staring at me.  I turn the knob and lead you by the hand into the dark hotel room. I want you more than I have ever wanted anyone in my entire life.  I have waited for you longer than I have ever waited for anyone.  You know all my secrets and I know all of yours. 
As the door closes behind you with a loud thud, I wrap my arms around your neck and feel your arms around my waist.  I run my hands over the length of your body and push you up against the door.  The door knob digs into your back and I apologize, but you don’t seem to mind.  I turn on the light for a brief moment just so I can see your eyes before we go any further.  I need to know that this isn't as wrong as it feels.
You are so fucking gorgeous.  The lights come off for the last time and as you stand there, pinned up against the wall, I kiss your neck and put my hand across your chest as you tilt your head back and let out a tiny sigh.  I run my fingers through your hair as you carefully cup your hands over my breasts.  Our lips manage to find one another in the dark and we kiss each other with an insatiable hunger that neither of us even knew to be possible.
I probe the inside of your mouth with my tongue as I work my hands down your torso and unzip the front of your pants.  I can feel you through the front of your slacks and I can tell we are making progress as you actually feel comfortable enough to place your hand under my skirt and onto my thigh.
We awkwardly make our way to the bed, never taking a break from the kisses that we both so desperately needed, and I pull you down into bed.  I love having you hover over me and as I guide your hand along my body, we wrestle one another and jockey positions multiple times.  You break away from me and kneel down on the bed.  You take off your shirt and I help you with the rest.  I’m still wearing my dress but I take it off as quickly as I possibly can because I don’t want to go another minute without being able to feel your skin touching mine.
I’m still remarkably shy and dive into the sheets, waiting for you to follow suit.  You join me underneath the blankets and I can feel your breath hot on my skin.  I turn to face you and you kiss me deeply as I help you find all of the best curves of my body with your hands.  I trace my fingers down your chest and make the daring move to grab you in the most scandalous of places. 
You sigh softly as I slowly stroke you. I push you flat on your back and your arms fall to the side with the uncertainty of what you should be doing.  I rip the blankets off of the bed and throw them aside as I begin to speed up.  You lay there, naked and aroused, staring up at the ceiling, not knowing exactly what to expect, when quite suddenly you feel my tongue make a perfect line going from the base to the tip of your cock.  You look down at me and I look up at you, and before you can say a word I push down on you with my lips while wrapping my tongue around it.
I hear you moan and I’m loving every minute of it just as much as you are.  I wish that you’d say my name, but that’s alright.  I’ll get that out of you later tonight.  As my head bobs up and down in your lap I run through all of the kinky things that you’ve told me you wanted to do over the years.  I don’t want to rush you into anything odd since it’s your first time, but I did come prepared.  I stop what I’m doing for just a moment and surface from your hips with a loud pop coming from my lips. 
The room is quite dark, but a crack of late afternoon light seems to penetrate the harsh hotel curtains.  You watch me slide over to the nightstand on my hands and knees.  Our eyes have somewhat adjusted to the blackness of the room and you smirk at me being bent over, digging through a drawer looking for something.  Your half smile vanishes from your face and your eyes get wide as I come back to bed with some sort of toy.
“You sure you want this?” I ask you in a playful tone.
“Um, I don’t even know what you have there,” you say hesitantly.
“Yes or no?”
“I guess?”
I laugh at you for a second, but then start back where I was before in your lap.  You aren’t exactly sure what to expect and that is half the fun for me.  As I wrap my tongue around you, I run my fingers up and down your legs and lightly claw you.  Unexpectedly, something foreign enters the picture and you feel something cold and smooth move past your thighs.  I’m not mean.  I take it slowly. 
I know all of this is new to you.  I loosen you up just a bit with a finger.  And when I think that you’re ready I make my move.  You feel the first go in slowly and your body is trying to resist it, but as I become more aggressive with my tongue the rest of you can’t help but give way.  We had talked about using the beads before online, but this was more than you had expected.  I push in the second and third and your entire body reverberates with pleasure.  The fourth makes you cry out a bit and I feel you tense up below me.  I take you into my mouth deeper and faster than before.  I choke a bit, but I don’t mind.  I push the fifth and final bead in and every erogenous zone on your body is on fire. You moan loudly and as I feel you cum down my throat I pull each bead out slowly giving you a painstakingly amazing orgasm.
Being the good girl that I am, I take care of the clean up while you lay in bed trying to assess the entire situation.  You catch a glimpse of me naked while I get up to get everything done and I smile back at you, laughing as I close the bathroom door.  Once everything is back in its place I come back to bed and tease you.  I kiss your chest and hold you close as you slowly wrap your arms around me.
“So I guess now I have to get you dinner,” I tell you with a sarcastic sigh.
“That would be nice, but you don’t have to.”
“Sure, I do.  I need you to keep your energy up for round two.”
“Kay,” you say with a quiet smile in your voice.
I help you find your clothes and I change into a more casual set of jeans and a t-shirt.  I put my hair back up in the mirror and you sneak up behind me a steal a kiss. I turn around and grab you at the waist and we end up making out for another few minutes.  Don’t worry.  I totally brushed my teeth after our last activity.
We can’t decide where to go and I have no idea where we are, so I let you pick.  We end up going to some completely innocuous restaurant and have a really good time.  The awkwardness from earlier in the day dissipates for the most part and you tell me about your day and I tell you about how I took today off and got a sub to handle all my classes so that I could make arrangements for this evening.  I even get to make eye contact with you a few times.
We drive back to the hotel in silence, each of us thinking what the next step is going to be.  The sun is long gone and florescent lights line the perimeter of the hotel’s corridors and parking lot.  We both look as though we have a blue tint to our skin in the bad lighting in the hall and I flip on the lights as we enter the room. 
I throw my purse on a nearby chair and sit down on the bed.  You lay down next to me and I just stare at you.  I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just glad that you’re finally real.  I take my hair down and flop back into the bed.  I turn to you and smile.
“You know, that really is a bad haircut,” I tell you in a matter of fact tone. You shoot me a dirty look and I run my fingers through your hair to let you know I’m only joking.  You are too damn cute for your own good.  Once I start touching you I can’t stop.
I pull you close and whisper horrible things in your ear.  With the lights on I can see you blush uncontrollably and I love it. 
You take the initiative to start kissing me first and I can feel your hand run its way down my body as the color rushes to my cheeks.  I take off my jeans because for some reason they just aren’t comfortable anymore and I tell you that your slacks aren’t very comfortable either, so you take care of those for me.  You turn off the lights and we reach for each other.  You have great lips and they feel absolutely amazing on mine.  As we lay there making out, I very suddenly feel your hand working its way up my thighs.  I’m not exactly sure what to make of this and I can feel you hesitate, so I let you know that you can do whatever you want with me. 
My panties slide off with great ease as you pull them down my legs and throw them to the floor.  My breathing becomes more staggered as I can feel a single finger brush against the soft down between my legs.  I love your curiosity and can’t help but tell you what a tease you are.  I feel a bit more pressure from your hand and you kiss my neck softly.  Just as you begin to kiss my lips again you dip two fingers inside of me and I let out a muffled sigh.  You like the reaction that you got from that and start to fuck me with your fingers with a great vigor.  I completely give up control and lay back on the bed with my legs spread open.  You kiss my knees as you feel me, wet to the touch under your hands.
We take the rest of our clothes off and you push me back into bed.  I am so ready for you.  I drop my head back and feel you spread my knees apart.  I can sense your apprehension as you hover just inches away from me, but it all melts away when I beg you to do what we’ve both wanted for so long.  You slide yourself into me slowly, but halfway in you put all of your weight into it and we both sigh a bit.  
You pick up in speed and thrust your hips into mine over and over again.  I reach around your neck and kiss you hard as you work yourself into me.  I want you to own me.  I want you to make me all yours.  I plead for more and you don’t disappoint.  You fuck me as hard as you can and for the first time all night I blurt out a breathy ‘I love you.’  It takes a moment for me to realize that I said it, but you don’t skip a beat and you tell me the same.  I kiss you even harder and wrap my legs around your back.  I pull you towards me and whisper your name.  I’ve wanted this so badly for so long. 
I look up at you for a brief second and see that you are about to reach that point of no return.  I tighten myself around you to let you know that it's alright.  I want this for you.  I want this for us.  I feel you arch your back and convulse inside of me as you reach that place.  You call out and collapse into me as you try and catch your breath as I tenderly stroke your hair.  I kiss you on the forehead and let you roll onto your back.
As we lay there together underneath the sheets, I turn to you and you tell me how it had been more than you ever could have hoped for.  
I smile and reply, "I told you that I could teach you more than just math."
And you curl up next to me and we fall asleep under the faint glow of the hotel's cheap fluorescent lights shining through the curtains.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


          She couldn’t stop staring at the back of his head.  His hair came down to just below his delicious ears and feathered off into heavenly wisps.  She was always tempted to reach forward and touch it, but she didn’t dare.  She ran her eyes down his neck and pictured the small of his back through his dark shirt, which left just a little to the imagination.  She bit down hard on her lower lip as she caught a glimpse of his arms and thought of what it would be like if he just randomly threw her up against the wall some day after class.  The teacher cleared her throat at the front of the room and snapped her back into reality.
            Will had only sat in front of her for about a week now in math class, but she had become completely enamored of him over the last few days.  He was relatively quiet in all of the other classes she had with him, spoke out a bit, but this was where he was in his element.  He would ace every test, often correct the teacher and never help out his fellow classmates even when they begged.  In fact, Sarah thought he was kind of a dick, but she couldn’t stop thinking about him.
            She stared blankly at the paper in front of her, drifting off into deep thought while chewing on the end of her pen.  Yeah, it was math, but pencils were for pussies.  She caught the teacher glaring at her and pretended to start doing some work. 
One time she thought that she caught Will checking her out in English, but he might have just been bored.  Or he could have been just staring at her for far different reasons.  She tended to make somewhat of a spectacle out of herself.  Today wasn’t any different either.
She crossed her legs under the cramped little desk and peeking out from beneath were a pair of lace-up, thigh high, platform combat boots—jet black and high gloss pleather.   Running up the rest of her legs were a combination of red tights and fishnet stockings, which led up to a short denim skirt paired with an asymmetrical studded belt.  She wore a short-sleeved lab coat stolen from her father, which was longer than the skirt and a tight rock tee with some innocuous singer on the front.  Her arms were covered in freckles and bracelets, her fingernails were long and polished and the expression of despair and sarcasm on her face was somewhat masked behind dark purple lipstick and green eyeliner.  She had the smile of a jack-o-lantern and curves in most of the right places.  People always remembered her, but few ever really knew who she was.  She was about to find out that she and Will had that in common.
He shoved a pile of papers in her face and told her to pass them back.  She fished hers out of the stack and gave the rest to the boy sitting behind her.
“Damnit!” she could hear him curse under his breath.  “A fucking A minus!”  He crumpled up the test and shoved it in his bag, which seemed to be held together by patches and pins of random bands.
“You know,” she said softly, “I only got a C plus, so don’t feel so bad.”
Her turned around and glared at her from behind a curtain of brown hair.
“You could work with me today after class if you want and help me figure out what I missed,” she said trying to keep a cheerful tone as he blinked at her sarcastically.
“Uh, yeah, I don’t think so,” he said dryly.  “I bet Jen would help you.  I’ve got my own crap to deal with now.”
“Why? Because you didn’t get every single answer right? An A is pretty damn good.”
“Yeah, well tell that to my mom,” he said, staring off into space.  “She’ll want to know why I didn’t do the extra credit ones.  Because if I had, I probably would have had a full A…”
“Well,” she said lightly placing her hand on his shoulder, “there are worse things that could happen to you.”
He looked down at her hand and pushed it away abruptly.  “Yeah, well you don’t know her and you sure as hell don’t know me.  So back the fuck off.”
She stared at him in disbelief and wondered what that whole thing was about.  But before she could respond, the bell rang and in a flash he had snatched up his bag and bolted for the door.  She hurriedly gathered up her things and ran after him.  She wasn’t about to leave things between them like that. 
It was hard to catch up with him wearing her boots, but she finally did.  She grabbed the back of his flimsy backpack and dragged him into the dark corridor between the math and English wings.
“What the hell?” he whined.  “Are you crazy or something?”
“No,” she spat out, still hanging onto the bag for dear life.  “I just didn’t get why you got all pissy with me in class.  Okay, I get it.  You aren’t into the whole dumb girl cliché.  I just wanted an excuse to—“
“Listen, it’s none of your business,” he hissed at her.  “Just drop it!”
He jerked away from her and pulled as hard as he could, spilling the contents of his bag all over the concrete.  She stared at everything on the floor, wide-eyed and cringing.
“Oh my God, I’m so sorry!  I didn’t mean to—“  But she stopped as something rolled past her foot—a tiny cylinder of plastic that had a familiar form.  She picked it up as he stared at her in horror and opened it to expose a bright red shade of lipstick.
“Uh, so I guess your mom wears some pretty drastic makeup.  Nice,” she laughed.
“My mom doesn’t wear makeup,” he said quietly, not taking his eyes off of her.  “Just give it to me.”
“I didn’t know you had a sister,” she said surprised.
“I don’t.”
“Um, a girlfriend?” she swallowed.
“No, just fucking give it back!” he yelled nervously.
They stood in the hallway at odds with one another.
“Oh wow,” she smiled.  “You don’t mean that this is—That you—Wow…”
“What?” he asked quickly.  “You know, just forget it.  This never happened.  Don’t worry about my backpack or any of my shit.  Just leave.  We are fine.”
“Heh, that’s actually pretty hot,” she said with a viscous smile and a raised eyebrow.
“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” he snarled with fear behind his eyes, grabbing her by the collar of her coat.
“Oh, I think I do!” she laughed.
“Don’t you dare tell anyone!  Or I’ll—“
“Or you’ll what?” she said staring him dead in the eyes.
She slapped him right across the face as hard as she could, causing him to let go of her coat and put his hand to his cheek.  She liked him like that, all saddened and awestruck.  She could feel the anger and tension between them and figured this was as good a time as any.
She grabbed him around the waist with one hand while running her other through all of that gorgeous hair and kissed him hard.  He resisted at first, but she could soon feel his body giving in to her.  Right before she broke away she could even feel him underneath his tight slacks.
“Um… I’m going to be late for class…” he stammered.
“Yeah, me too,” she said softly but quite nonchalantly.  She helped him gather the rest of his things into the broken bag before she left for class. “Oh, and by the way,” she called back to him waving the tube of lipstick, “I’m going to borrow this, and if you are a good boy tomorrow, then you can have it back.” 
And before he could say anything, she strutted off down the dark corridor into the bright English wing leaving a silhouette that just wouldn’t quit and a walk that left him wanting more.


The next day in English class he sat in his seat waiting for her to walk through the door.  He prayed that she would just give it up and let him for get the whole thing—well, almost the whole thing.  He enjoyed the feel of her body on his and her lips had been so soft.  He was almost kind of jealous in a way, but he wasn’t about to admit it.  Everything was even more complicated than it had been before, but he felt a kind of rush and he almost liked it.  He was losing himself in his thoughts when the door opened wide, assisted by the cool autumn breeze.  In walked Sarah wearing a mischievous smile accented by an all too familiar shade of bright red lipstick.  She looked him dead in the eye, grinned, and took her seat across the room.
Will had never really taken much notice of her before yesterday.  He had of course noticed her clothes and had often imagined what it felt like to wear something so blatantly flamboyant, but now he was wondering other things.  How would it feel to have her straddling his waist?  What would it be like to look down at the top of her head and hold back her hair as she was—
“Will?” the teacher called out again.  “Are you with us?”
“Huh?  Oh yeah.  What was that again?” he asked trying to get out of his own head.
“I asked if you could start us off for today.  We’re on page 37.”
“Yeah, sure,” he said quickly, thumbing through his book while Sarah smugly looked at him from across the room.
“First quote from the top Mr. Reardon.”
“Okay…  ‘Her eyes are wild, her head is bare / The sun has burnt her coal-black hair. / Her eyeb—‘”
“That’s fine, Will,” she said, cutting him off.  “Now just from these first two lines, Wordsworth is telling us quite a bit about this woman and even throwing in a bit of social commentary.  Keeping in mind the time period, what can we divulge from the first part of this poem?  Yes, Sarah?”
“Well, this was written around the time of the Industrial…” She spouted out several random facts about the author in question and made what was probably intelligent commentary on the poem, but Will could care less.  He sat at his desk watching her lips move.  She had added a coat of lip gloss to the color and the wet look of it made the most horrible thoughts race through his mind.  So many thoughts, in fact, that by the time he had finished thinking all of them class had ended and the bell was the only thing that got him out of his stupefied trance. He gathered his things, hastily put them in his stitched up bag and headed for the door where the girl in the fishnets and combat boots had already passed through. 
It was the last class that he had with her that week and he wouldn’t see her again until Monday, so now was his only chance to catch up to her without having to agonize over things all weekend long.  He had chemistry next, so he had to hurry.  But even if he was late, this was more important.  Weaving in and out between a sea of students he finally saw her neon teal backpack and raced to catch up with her.
“Sarah!” he yelled out to a myriad of semi-blank faces.  “Wait up!”
She turned around and smiled at him, waiting for him to catch up. 
“Damn, you can make pretty good time in those platform boots,” he laughed nervously.
“Yeah, I wear them a lot. So, ya know, I’m used to them.  We can go to your house and you can try them on if you like,” she said dryly, eyeing him up and down.
“Come on!” he spat out from the corner of his mouth.  “Don’t mention that here, please!”  So they moved the conversation to a more secluded corridor.
“Alright, alright… Let’s ditch last period and you can take me somewhere nice and quiet and tell me all about it!”
“Uh, no.  I don’t ditch class, and I am sure as hell not telling you anything.”
“Oh, come on now.  That chem teacher fucking loves you.  Just take this,” she said pulling a crumpled note from her pocket and shoving it in his hand, “and make a quick appearance in class.  I’ll wait right outside for you and we can go anywhere you want and tell me anything.”
“You can’t be serious.  What is this anyway?” he asked smoothing out the piece of paper in his hands.  “Wow.  Drama rehearsal?  Yeah, he is totally going to buy that one.”
“He will.  You are, uh, helping Mr. Fuentes build some sets. You sure aren’t an actor. That’s how I’ve gotten out of third period the last few days.  One more won’t hurt.  And I know you are just dying to… well, do anything, really.”
He looked at her intensely, forcing her to dart her eyes to the side.
“And,” she said fishing through her bag, “I’ll give you this as a gesture of goodwill.”  She took the lipstick and waved it in his face.  He stared at it as she ran it down his chest and pushed it softly into his front pocket.  “Is that lipstick in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” she giggled mischievously.
“Ha ha,” he tried to say sarcastically.  But instead his voice squeaked a bit due to the fact that her hand was only inches from his… lipstick.  “Listen, I just… I can’t… I’ve never…”
She put a single finger over his lips and looked him dead in the eyes.  “I know.  You are just such a good boy.  Maybe that is the appeal of it all.” She was about to kiss him again when a teacher walked by, and PDAs were highly discouraged.  “Listen, Will.  Randy the security guy owes me a favor and I know that your chem class is rather close to the parking lot.  Just flash Mr. Michaels your drama note and I’ll meet you outside and we’ll take it from there.  I’ll wait ten minutes and if you don’t show then I’ll take off without you and I guess you’ll just never know.”
“Never know what?”
“Show up and you won’t have to never know.  Isn’t that right?” she smiled, smacking him lightly on the thigh.  “Ten minutes, sweetie.  I’ll be waiting by your car!”
And once again she had walked off without him, leaving him extremely confused and completely stiff.


She leaned up against a tree in the parking lot waiting for Will to show up.  Randy the security guy walked past her but turned a blind eye and pretended he didn’t see anything.  That’s what happens when someone goes into the girl’s bathroom and randomly starts pushing in stalls to make sure no one is ditching class and then manages to walk in on a poor girl just trying to put in a tampon.  Yep.  That’s what happens.  Oh well, her awkward moment meant no shit from security for at least a year. 
She looked down at her watch and saw that ten minutes had indeed passed.  Maybe it just wasn’t in the cards.  Rather dejected and mildly irritated, Sarah was about to leave and just walk down to one of the parks and draw in her sketch book, when at the last possible second, Will showed up out of the corner of her eye.  He was incredibly paranoid and she could see him looking everywhere to make sure he wasn’t spotted by anyone.  He was halfway to his car when Randy approached him.
“Where do you think you are going exactly?” he asked Will.
“I was, uh… You see, I have this drama thing… And…”
“Let me see your—“
“Hey, Randy.  He’s with me.  He’s my ride,” she said with an air of confidence.
“Oh,” he said, making sure not to have any sort of eye contact with her whatsoever, “I didn’t know.  Have a good one kid!”  And with that he walked off in the opposite direction mumbling something under his breath leaving them to move freely about the grounds. 
Will looked at her with slanted eyes and arched eyebrows and was about to open his mouth, but she stopped him before he could say a word.  “Trust me, you don’t want to know,” was all she said to silence his curiosity.
She grabbed his hand and for the first time he just let her take it. 
“How did you know which car was mine?” he asked her.
“Well, you do make it a point to have your music blaring whenever you pull up.  So, I mean, that was kind of hard to notice.  Plus, the bumper stickers are a dead give away too.”
“I see,” he said quietly.  He let go of her hand and opened the passenger door to the car.  She expected it to be a moving trash can like all of the other guy cars that she had been in, but it was actually quite tidy.  There was even a lemon scented air freshener.  As he got in the car the scent of his cologne overpowered the lemon and she began to wonder if he had just put some on before he got out here.  That was too cute. 
“So what took you so long?  Get cold feet?” she asked him playfully.
“Well, yeah… But also when I walked in the door there was a pop quiz and I had to take that before he would let me leave.  I’m pretty sure I aced it,” he said smiling.
“Cool, cool… So where do you wanna go?”
“Why are you asking me?  It sounded like you had it all planned out.”
“Well just start driving and we can take it from there.  If nothing else we can go back to my place.  My roommates are gone until later tonight and we can get into all kinds of fun trouble there,” she winked.
“Ha ha, your ‘roommates’ huh?  Don’t you mean your parents?” he laughed.
“No, I mean my roommates.  I moved out last year.  It’s a complicated thing,” she said stoically.
“Oh… Alright then…Yeah, I guess there is fine then,” he said.  “Lead the way.”
She gave him the directions and they were there in only a few minutes.  In those few minutes she was able to sneak in exactly three seductive looks, two back scratches and one misdirected thigh brush.  She didn’t want the boy to crash his car after all. 
They pulled up to the house where she rented a room and she raced out so she could open the door for him.  “You should always open a door for a lady,” she snickered.  He shot her a dirty look and she held her hand out as if to help him out of the car.  He pushed it away and she playfully ruffled his hair.
“Come on you weirdo, let’s go find out what makes you tick,” she said, dragging him into the house.


Will didn’t exactly know why he had come or what he was doing there.  He had never ditched class a day in his life and all of this was just completely unlike him.  He was kind of scared that someone would find out, but at the same time he was kind of excited.  Not only had Sarah found out one of his secrets, she also was pushing all of the right buttons too. 
When she took him inside he couldn’t help but look around.  It was a very simple house with not a lot of furniture.  Her room was at the end of the hall and when she opened the door there was an extreme contrast from the plain white of the rest of the walls in the house to these.  Everything was dripping in pictures and posters and miscellaneous tributes to both cult and popular culture.  Her bed was covered with a black satin comforter and her closet was bursting with a rainbow of colorful materials. 
She pushed him down on the bed and lay next to him.  It was sudden, but he went with it.  They both stared at the ceiling in silence and she held his hand.  He wasn’t sure why, but he felt incredibly safe at that moment and let out a sigh of relief.
“So,” she said turning over to face him, propping herself up on her elbow.  “What is the real deal with the lipstick?”
“Uh, it looks good on you?”
“Heh, thanks.  But how does it look on you?” she said, doing that sexy eyebrow thing that she had been doing all day.
“Well,” he said, trying to find the words to describe his madness, “I think it looks pretty damn good.”
Apparently that was what she was hoping to hear and she let out a little excited noise.  She sat up and grabbed the lipstick out of his pocket.  “May I?” she asked politely.
“Okay, I guess,” he said in a deadpan tone, so as not to appear too excited about it.
            Without warning she straddled Will and practically eye-fucked him with the intensity of her gaze.  She applied the lipstick to him carefully and watched him push his lips together to smooth everything out.  She grabbed a hand mirror from her bag and let him see.  He absolutely loved how he felt wearing it and this was the first time that he had let anyone else see it too and he loved how excited she was for him.  She grabbed the compact from him and threw it to the floor, which left them there, feet dangling from the bed, wearing the same amazing shade of red lipstick.
            And that’s when Sarah decided to strip him down to his boxers.


            “Okay, off with the clothes!” she yelled playfully.
            “Woah, what?” he said, pretending to be opposed to the idea.
            “You are lucky that I am one curvy bitch, or you would be SOL on the whole clothing thing.”
            “Hey, are you trying to say I’m fat?”
            “No, but you are a guy, and if I was super skinny those muscular shoulders wouldn’t be able to be contained by one of these great outfits that I’m going to let you try on!”
            “Oh… What do you have exactly?” he said with a muted curiosity.
            She pulled several things out of her wardrobe that he tried not to drool over.  Her naughty costumes were the best and in the end he was having trouble deciding between a crotchless tiger leotard and a naughty nurse.
            “I can’t decide,” he sighed after the wall of awkwardness slowly dissipated. 
            “Well, if you go with the tiger, it’s crotchless, but if you go with the nurse, you get to wear these,” she said, producing a pair of white satin panties from a small chest of drawers.  She saw how big his eyes got and threw the satin nothingness at him with great zeal.  “I thought so,” she laughed.  “I’m going to go get some water and I’ll let you get changed.  The rest of the accessories are in the drawer.  I’ll be right back.”
            “Accessories?” he asked with a huge smile on his face.
            “Oh yeah, accessories,” she said closing the door behind him.
            As she walked down the hall she couldn’t help but think to herself how much fun she was having.  Never in a million years would she have thought that something like this would have happened between the two of them a few days ago; however, it was all just coming to them so naturally that it felt like it would be weird if it hadn’t happened at all.  She didn’t believe in fate, she thought as she was drinking her water, but this all just felt right.  And as she opened the door to her bedroom and saw Will covered from head to toe in satin and lace, wearing fuck-me pumps and attaching a stocking to a garter belt, it felt even more than right.  It felt absolutely amazing.


            “I hope you don’t mind, but I took the liberty of finding some matching shoes,” he said looking over at her rather sheepishly.
            “No, no.  Not at all.  In fact those are what I wear with that.”
            “If you don’t mind my asking, why exactly do you have this?”
            “Well, she said to the boy cross-dressing in her room, I, like you, just want to feel sexy sometimes.  I’m sure you can relate.”
            “Okay, okay.  These are really nice,” he said, smoothing the satin down over his torso. 
            “There is a full length mirror on the other side of the closet door if you wanna see,” she said pointing.
            “Oh, nice.”  And as he turned around she looked him up and down and knew she had to get in on some of the fun.  He shut the door to the closet and admired himself.  When he opened it back up to see what he could get into next, Sarah was leaning on the door frame.  She had taken her hair down and the boots had come off.
            “Hi,” she said grinning at him.
            “Hi,” he replied, swallowing a lump that had materialized in his throat.
            “You look absolutely amazing you know.”
            “Do I?” he asked her with an expression of earnest concern on his face.
            “You do,” she said taking his hand with an almost hypnotic tone to her voice.  She pushed him down onto the bed and created an almost breathtaking vision of red and white on the black satin sheets.  He could feel himself stretching the white satin panties to the threshold of their elasticity as she unbuttoned her skirt right in front of him.
            “You know, I love your stockings.  I think I’d like to keep mine on too.”  She took a pair of scissors from a dresser drawer and cut a slit right down the middle of the tights she was wearing then carefully placed them back in the drawer.  She took off her coat and her shirt until she was standing in front of him wearing only a bra and tights with no restrictions.  She approached the bed slowly and started taking off the white panties.
            “You know, half the fun of wearing this stuff is taking it off.  Don’t you agree?” she said sliding them down his legs.
            “Uh huh,” he said nervously.
            She grabbed his calves and started caressing him at the knee, slowly working her way up his legs.  She made little circles with her fingernails at the top of his thigh and made her way up his torso to his neck.  She whispered something unintelligible in his ear and bit the tip of it.  Then with her fingers running through his hair she grabbed him forcefully and kissed him abruptly; her hand on the back of his head and her tongue parting his lips; a messy disaster of red lipstick all over both of their faces. 
            They looked at each other and laughed and she grabbed a nearby shirt and wiped all the makeup off of both of their faces.  And in one smooth motion she straddled him at the waist and wrapped her arms around him.  He pulled her down to his level and started kissing her again, now even harder and deeper.  She could feel his hands all over her body and knew that she wanted this more than she had ever wanted anything before.  She grabbed his hands at the wrists and looked him in the eyes.  They were brown and deep and as clichéd as it was, she thought she could easily become lost in them. 
            “Are you enjoying yourself, Will?” she asked him.
            “Uh, yeah,” he said looking down at his fully exposed lower half.
            “Then let’s have some more fun,” she said slowly lowering herself down to his waistline.  “You know, you have some gorgeous legs.”
            “Thanks?” he said, not knowing how to react as she started kissing the inside of his thighs.  He squirmed just a bit because he wasn’t accustomed to having anyone down there, but as she licked his shaft and looked up at him with extreme bedroom eyes he seemed to relax.  She went around and around the tip with her tongue and as she pushed all of him inside her mouth she saw his eyes roll back into his head and he let out a moan, which he was quick to cover up with an open palm. 
            She could tell he was starting to really get into it when she felt his hand on the back of her head, forcing her down, telling her he wanted more.  And when it became so much that he didn’t think he could take anymore—she stopped.
            “I’d say that now it’s your turn, but I have something else in mind,” she said in her deepest, sexiest voice that she could possibly muster.  She rolled over and lay next to him, just looking and waiting.  “Well?”
            “Well what?” he asked nervously with a smile on his face.
            “Well now, we can do what you want to do.  So what’s it gonna be cutie?  Fuck, I love that on you!”
            “Um… I don’t…”
            “How about this?  You aren’t sure what you want yet and I know that I want to feel those incredible legs all over mine.  So anything involving that is totally fine in my book.” 
            She smiled up at him and guided his hands over her chest.  She saw the apprehension in his face and told him to close his eyes.  She stroked his cock and pushed his hips into hers until he was finally inside of her and they both sighed deeply.  As she lay with her legs wrapped around him she kissed his neck and whispered in his ear.
            “Fuck me hard, Will.  As hard as you can.”
            He thrust himself into her over and over again and she slapped him on the ass like the naughty nurse that he was and dug her nails into his back as punishment for being such a bad boy.  She could tell he was about to climax but she stopped him yet again so that he could flip her over and fuck her from the back.  It had never been this intense for her before, but it was probably just because both of them had wanted it so badly.  She was on her hands and knees and he couldn’t help himself from slamming into her as hard as he could and then quite suddenly he stopped. 
            “Come here,” he panted at her.  “Get over here, now!”
            He kneeled down on the bed as she lay on her back and she slapped him in the face.  He got a crazy look in his eye and with one hand grabbed her by the hair while he used his other hand to finish himself off, leaving a syrupy trail of hot running all down her chin. 
            He looked down at her face, glazed with everything he had in his arsenal, and laughed at her while he stroked her hair.  She found the same shirt used to remove the lipstick and cleaned herself off. 
            “Wow, so I didn’t see that coming at all,” she said dumbstruck.  “To be perfectly honest, I thought this was your first time.”
            “It was,” he said with far too much pride in his voice.
            “Damn… Promise me that we’ll do this again then.”
            “I can’t promise you anything.  But if you keep letting me try things on, and you are the only one who knows, then I suppose I’ll have to keep coming back.”
            “I suppose you will,” she smiled.
            “God, I wish I had one of these,” he said admiring himself in the mirror.
            “Yes, it suits you well,” she said with a sigh. “Here take this for the road.”
            He looked over and she threw him the pair of white panties with the red lipstick stain on them. 
            “For the road?  Are you kicking me out?” he said with a sort of hurt tone to his voice.
            She looked up at him surprised. 
            “Well… I had just assumed… I mean… You just didn’t seem like the type that wanted to cuddle afterwards.  You’ve always been kind of a jerk… So, I guess I just thought…”
            “Did I seem like the type that would raid your closet?”
            “Well, no…”
            He smiled at her as she lay on her side, one knee bent and pouty lips. 
            “You still need help with your math?” he asked softly.
            “Yeah, I guess I do,” she told him, batting her lashes and laying back down. “As a matter of fact I might need tutoring at least three times a week.”
            “Well,” he said flopping down on the bed beside her still wearing his entire outfit sans panties, “I think that could be arranged.”
            And they both stared up at the ceiling once again, sitting in silence, alone with their thoughts but holding each other.


Your eyes dart cautiously between the wall and my hands.  A freshly lacquered nail runs down the length of your chest.  Your breathing is steady, but I feel your heart racing.  I bite my lower lip in anticipation as I hear you swallow your nerves.  Carefully removing your glasses, I try desperately to meet your eyes—but to no avail.
Trembling hands are guided along soft, porcelain curves as the smallest moan escapes from my lips.
I peel off your ridiculous t-shirt and throw it to the floor. Kissing your chest, I drag my nails down your bare back, then rake my fingers through your hair as you close your eyes slowly.  Working my way up your neck I eventually find your mouth, patiently awaiting instructions.  I part your lips with my tongue and run my hand across your thighs, diligently searching your slacks for a way inside.
I push you down into bed and with a few swift maneuvers take off your pants.  As I straddle you at the waist I can feel you, helpless and hapless beneath me, yet hard as can be.  I nibble on the end of your ear while sifting through your boxers to find what I want.  When I finally do, I whisper your name and make one last attempt at eye contact.  You stare back at me languishing through the most amazing brown eyes and I know you are ready.
I kiss you deeply one last time and the work my way down your body.  Your boxers slide off quite easily and as I stroke your cock, your breathing becomes more erratic and your eyelashes flutter uncontrollably.  I love watching you lose control of your body almost as much as I love knowing that at this moment it belongs to me.
My hot breath on your thighs makes you squirm just a bit, and I see you dig your fingers into the sheets as my mouth makes its first contact.  I hear you cry out as I wrap my tongue around you, taking you all in, loving every minute of it.  Clawing at the backs of your legs, I move faster and faster, eager to please you in any way that I can.  I feel you below me, softly thrusting yourself down my throat.  I attempt to stop for just a moment to catch my breath, but with a sudden rush of new found courage, your hands are on the back of my head pushing me back down onto you.
My muffled cry goes on unnoticed as you grab my ponytail and I try my hardest to keep up with you.  Your eyes roll back into your head as you let out a stifled, explosive sigh and a salty nothingness runs hot down my throat.  You collapse in a pile and sink into the sheets as I lay my head on your stomach while you stroke my hair in silence.  We stay like that for quite some time, grinning at each other and making small talk, listening to the rain beat down outside.
I turn off the lights and kiss you goodnight and you hold me in your arms with a kind of quiet desperation.  You run your hands over my hips several times and start kissing me again.  I find your hands on my chest and sigh a tiny sigh as my body perks up under your touch.  Taking off my shirt and bra, a sliver of moonlight breaks through the window, exposing creamy white breasts that are yours for the taking.  You tease my nipples with your tongue and even dare to look me dead in the eye while doing it.
I smooth down your hair as you kiss my stomach and unbutton my jeans.  Your fingers explore as I kick my pants to the end of the bed and grab your cock, only to find it hard yet again.  As we sit there naked, groping around in the semi-darkness, you tell me you love me and I tell you the same.  I lay waiting and oh-so-ready for you as you hover over me, spreading my knees apart, running a single finger over my slit.
I ask you if you are ready and without another word you slide yourself into me and it feels amazing.  My muscles tighten around you as you lift one leg up over my head, diving into me as deep as you can.  After a while you stop what you are doing to wipe beads of sweat off of your forehead.  You kiss me forcefully and a feeling of extreme giddiness just washes over me.  I see your face in the tepid moonlight and with one arched eyebrow ask if there is anything else you wanted to try.
And with that you bend me over and fuck me hard from the back.  Grabbing my hips tight you thrust yourself into me over and over again, pushing me further up into the bed.  You get so into the moment that you end up not paying attention and accidentally push my head into the wall.  After an onslaught of apologetic kisses and smoothing things over, I grudgingly let you get back to the task at hand, but only because you’re getting so good at it.
I touch myself shamelessly as you continue to slam yourself into me, every few seconds one of us letting out a moan or two.  I reach my climax, shaking uncontrollably around you, forcing you to follow suit.  The moonlight shines brighter than it has all night at that moment.
           After clean up, kind words and one long shower, we try once again to get some well deserved sleep.  You hold me tight against you, all curled up in your chest.  With the moonlight dimming and the rain stopping, I drift off to the sound of you sleeping.