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Really Old Poetry: Seksie and Otherwise

Like Pages of a Storybook

If you love something, let it go...
But someone?  I think not.
Clich├ęs are such a bore,
And so are "sayings."
Poetry in motion just doesn't move anymore,
Pages no longer come alive,
And there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Sorrow and depression reign supreme,
And the silver lining on every cloud has turned a putrid shade of gray.
"Someday my prince will come," she said.
But he left her with those vertically challenged little men forever.
The glass slipper broke,
She pricked her finger on the spindle and never woke again,
And nobody lived happily ever after.
So, when you imagine your storybook ending,
Just keep in mind that some of the pages could be ripped.

Devil Worshiper

You tease me and taunt me,
With false hopes and
Empty promises.
Come hither my dear
And make good on your word.
Your seniority tears me,
It rips me,
It mocks me.
You fuck me to my knees
As you put me in my place.
Control me, abuse me,
But please don't forget me.
Use me
And seize me,
Make me your dirty whore.
So take me and break me,
Confuse me,
Belittle me.
Do whate're you want,
But please dear come now.

Freud Said It Best

Everything is sexual:
Your mother,
Your father,
Your dog,
Your cat,
And the list goes on from there.
We were built foolishly,
With the desire to procreate.
Any and everything that we do
Relates back to one simple word.
Some blush to say it.
Some attempt to sensor it.
But you cannot hide from it.
To do so would be godly.
None of us are.
So we must...

Immaculate Deception

Biologically impossible.
Could never happen.
Ridden hard and put away wet, she was.
It was stuck in her somewhere,
But the son of "God" couldn't be born
Through pleasures of the flesh.
Thou aren't so holy Mary.
An excuse for wedlock and a bit of luck
Was all "He" was.
I won't play your game.
Hail Mary.
Hail Jane.
Hail Sue.
Hail Me.

Don't Think I Didn't See You

Scary seduction,
Peering eyes,
You'd think by now
I'd be more wise.
Visual rape,
Eyes made of hands,
Searing me hot
With their cornea brands.
Staring and prying,
Not forgotten or gone.
They see me as they
Turn their memories on.
Brazen 'cross minds
And through centuries past,
My imperfect image
Unfortunately lasts.

What Shall I Do?

Shall I put you away?
Parade you around?
Take you for granted?
Throw you aground?
Shall I lay o're your lips?
Caress you real well?
Bask in your glory?
Burn in your hell?
Shall I sleep in your heaven?
Lay claim to your mind?
Throw myself upon you?
Pretend to be kind?
Shall I pretty your poison?
Bewilder your thought?
Perhaps maybe you'll love me...
Then again, maybe not.

Don't Push Your Luck

Don't try to control me,
I might buckle over.
Don't think of abuse,
You're sure not my lover...
Nor master,
Nor mistress,
Nor significant other.

Don't play with my head,
I'm sure not your toy.
Don't picture me nude,
For I'm not your Playboy...
Nor poser,
Nor player,
Nor realistic McCoy.

Don't love me and leave me,
I'm not yet your whore.
Don't baffle or beat me,
Wait - on that I'm not sure...
Nor certain,
Nor decided,
Nor wanting much more.

Don't try to confuse me,
Sorry dear, not today.
Don't get cocky with me,
Or I'll blow you away...
Or ride you,
Or screw you,
I'm on top either way.

Sexual Predator

Sexual predator
Come and abuse me.
Fuck me and suck me
And recklessly use me.
Sexual predator
Take innocence away.
Waste me and taste me
Do all that you may.
Sexual predator
Make me lose myself.
Lick me and stick me
Abhor my body's wealth.
Sexual predator
Fuck out my brains.
Thrill me and drill me
And all that remains.
Sexual predator
Take me right now.
Tease me and please me
I'll show you how.

What I Have to Offer

With one touch I can make you moan,
Make you scream,
Make you show,
How my lips can caress you in ways unimaginable,
How my fingers can whisper with words unintelligible,
How my mind licks your chest,
And my tongues’ thoughts illegible.
All that to show you my lust.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Cursing, yelling,
Pursing lips.
Gliding, sliding,
Velvet hips.
Sniveling, whining,
Sour tears.
Wrinkling, crumbling,
Bitter years.
Wasting, rotting,
Desolate graves.
Burning, turning,
Satan's slaves.

Not-So-Subliminal Messages

If you knew what I was thinking,
You'd make me wash my mind out with soap
Because it's oh so dirty.
And maybe my perversion would inspire
You to do all those horrible, naughty things
That my body is begging for you to
I would tease you with my hips,
Taunt you with my lips,
Run my fingertips down your chest.
I'm not asking for anything in return;
Not a commitment or a relationship or
All depends on one thing though:
Can you take me on?

Anywhere but Here

My life is a mess and I want to die,
I don't have anytime for these damn shallow rhymes.
I need to explode -
Like a gun to my head,
Like a bottle of pills,
Like a knife stained in red,
Like a noose,
Like a dagger - hid under my bed.
Or a whore from the corner -
Yes, that's what I said.
'Cause I feel like a whore after all I've been though,
And you just wouldn't get it unless it was you
I'm not a damn Catholic, so suicide's fine,
I'm not Christian or Buddhist - so where's your next line?
The point is this that I can't go to hell
If it doesn't exist to me - so, oh well   [isn't that the best rhyme?]
And if killing me sends me to hell
Don't you fear,
Because hell is much better -
So is anywhere but here.

No Need to Be Blunt

My love life has flat lined:
Like a thousand DNRs
Like a DOA trauma
Like a run on with cars.

And my sex life's not moving:
Like a body that's dead,
Like a large windless sail,
Like a virgin in bed.

And my social life's faster:
Than a cheerleader teen,
Than the Indy 500,
Than the homecoming queen.

And my life is depressing:
Like a sad country song,
Like a sunken in pothole,
Like this poem - it's all wrong.

Shall E're She See the Next?

She deceitfully reached for a butterscotch candy,
Filling the small, yellow bag wrist deep with her hand.
She - the lowly Cinderella -
Would finally taste revenge.
She examines the golden wrapper -
Tightly surrounding the candy,
Waiting to be released.
She could give it the freedom it craved.
This inanimate object longing for liberation,
As once she had.
But alas, broken and whipped she had fallen,
Desired nothing but what she deserved...
Pulling both ends rigid she felt her locks release
And with the shedding of the wrapper came the shedding of her chains.
The discarded wrapper glided to the floor as the
Morsel melted past her lips.
Whoever decreed that revenge isn't sweet
Is terribly mistaken.

A Bit of This and That

Silver corded promises
And flowery retorts.
You leave me hanging by a golden thread,
Waiting to be sheared by your jagged tin snips.
Don't tease me with your lucky charms,
For it is neither polite
Nor wanted.
Make up your mind.
Don't tell me that you find me unattractive
If you want to get in my pants.
Flattery is the way to a woman's heart,
Not your cock.
Deflate my ego and get a slap in the face.
Like it and you're mine.
Sugar coat my everything and
Rose tint my horn-rimmed glasses.
Everything could be perfect
But not nearly as much
With you.

The Sun in Cali Shines Mainly on the Valley  (Central that is!)

Oh how I hate the winters here,
No more jeans cut off from the knees.
With it's blistering cold,
It won't snow I am told,
For it won't surpass fifty degrees.

And how I hate the springtime here
For all it does is pour.
And the pollen around
Sends me allergy bound
Make it stop I can't take anymore!

Don't start me on the summers here
For an understatement is hot.
'Cause the sidewalk fries eggs,
All around you are legs,
And some A/C you better have got.

And then there comes the autumn's here
Streets filled with golden red
But what I hate
Is autumn's fate,
For winter kills everything dead.

A and B and Possibly See

Irrational mutterings that she called numbers,
Equations, distractions,
Screwing with my head.
She sits there so poised and casual,
Knowing not what she speaks of,
Jabbering away,
Searching for the words to describe her madness.
Millions of pauses,
A myriad of pen strokes,
Things that I keep telling myself I know.
Confusion runs rampant throughout the room.
A bell can be heard in the distance,
All is well.

Cone of Silence

When I cry,
You can't hear it.
You put up your shield of denial
And hide behind your immature lover.
I have no where to go and no one to turn to.
No place of solitude, nor a friend in which to confide.
I feel desperate and lonely and dangerously suicidal.
And as I sit and cry
He leers at me from outside my window.
I'm not his side show geek
And I'm sure as hell not yours.
He leans up against the car that you promised me,
Takes out his cheap neon lighter
And with fat digits lights one up.
Sometimes my crying ceases for a bit and I hear him -
He laughs between puffs.
The bastard thinks it's all a game.
And you -
You sit in the family room
Worshipping the damn computer screen,
Acting totally oblivious to all that falls around you.
You care when it makes you the hero,
When it will give you some redemption for all the wrong
You have caused.
You don't give a flying fuck or a rolling donut whether or not
I'm happy.
So use your crippled lover as a crutch,
Your children as your pity chip,
Your own crappy decisions as sympathy,
But someone will soon piece it all together,
And then -

Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

It's fun to be hideous,
A ball to be blunt,
It's nice to be scary,
And fabulous to -
    be curt...
It's cool to be bulimic
Spiffy to be slick,
It's wonderful to be blonde,
And great to -
    be diabolical...
It's peachy to be stupid,
And good to find some luck,
It's horrid to be popular,
So what the hell, let's -

Social Liability

Is it so wrong to have such a distaste for life?
When our eyes meet it is nearly impossible
To not see your distaste for me.
Never your equal,
Flailing wildly about, hoping ne're to make a sound.
Being pushed to the back
In your sad attempt to conceal.
I profusely apologize for not being
Bland and normal.
Shoot me if you must,
But I won't tote your gun
And I won't wear your armband.
Your discrimination screams louder than my apparel.
Tomorrow may take me in my entirety,
But you shall still remain -

Religious Blur

She threw her morals aside
And picked up the Bible -
A painful decision it hurt her to make.
"There is no God!" she proclaimed to all.
The unreciprocated love she felt
Was proof enough for her.
The death of loved ones,
The power of the idiotic -
Nothing but sweet stupidities
In the great show and tell of the cosmos.
And then one day God came down to earth -
And he was a vengeful God.
He told her how wrong she was,
So she spit in his face.
"You don't exist!" she said.
And in a puff of smoke he was gone.
Tearfully, she opened the
"Good book"
She read page after page
Tearing each one after the other.
And into the bonfire the pages went the papers.
And the smoke cleared.
And she was content.


So I did it because I loved the feel of his body.
And he made me feel wonderful,
Like some awful drug.
And I did it because I wanted him -
Hands of obscurity and blind faith,
Always willing,
Wanting to please.
And I did it because he challenged me,
Dared me to love him.
And I did it because it was good,
And I liked it.
And so did he.
Then it stopped
And I felt like a whore,
Just like my mother told me.
And I tried to pretend,
But it was just too late.
And he unsuccessful string of lovers came,
But no one quite fit.
And now I sit waiting -
For you.


I wear my sorrow on my sleeve
For all the world to see.
And where I go, undoubtedly,
My sorrow follows me.
It has no invitation,
Though I doubt that it would care,
For every time I turn away
I feel its presence there.
And late at night, amid the sheets,
A loneliness occurs.
My sorrow keeps it company,
And both are soon deferred.

Leaves of Freedom

They dance to the ground;
Swirling colors with transparent partners.
No limbs with which to flail
No voices with which to scream.
Soulless slaves bound to the fate of the earth.
Brittle and contorted,
Red, Yellow,
Auburn, gold.
They could wait to be plucked,
Yet they choose to let go,
And in a downward spiral they plunge.
Away, away, away...
If ever I could achieve this bliss
I would truly be worthy of your

So Called Guardians

It's their house,
It's their rules,
Maybe that's why we're paying rent.
That's why we're on welfare.
That's why we use food stamps.
That's why we're exposed to second-hand smoke.
How can such morons exist?
What the hell are they thinking?
It's not a case of age before beauty,
But of age before intelligence.

Poet in Motion

Tears dripping from her pen
She sobs amid messy blankets
Strewn haphazardly about the bed
She had to learn the hard way
Loneliness is awe-full
People from two different worlds never mix
They merely collide
Good poets never lead good lives
They just fade away


Sheets of dread,
Sheltered sarcasm
Stealthily sped.
Words of rapture
Electrify hills.
Don't you know that thinking kills?

Green-Eyed Boy

What would you do if I gazed into your soul?
Those moody green eyes
Staring back at me.
Forget all the cheesy love sonnets of times past.
You can gaze into a soul when
You can walk on water.
If I like your green eyes
Then I'll write you a masterpiece -
A whole fucking epic...
Although I doubt I'd stop at your eyes.
Letters and punctuation with lewd connotations.
Expired poetic licenses -
Just to tell you you're hot.

Rose is Rose by Several Names

Can't wait to gaze into your eyes
Then dive deep down between your thighs -
Don't care what's right or wrong or wise,
Just close your lids and scream.

Can't wait to taste your luscious lips,
To feel the curvature of your hips,
Then lose in you my distal tips -
If you know what I mean.

Can't wait to lay down on you chest
From all that work I'll need a rest
'Cause after all, babe, I'm the best
And you'll know when you've seen.


They sat discussing virginity
While wolfing down Divinity
"A man's great when he scores,
Yet all women are whores!"
This discussion will last for infinity.

See with Your Eyes, Not with Your Hands

These kisses aren't for you,
This outfit isn't either.
And neither are these Stilettos
Or this perfect V-neck cleavage
You never wanted me or my Birkenstocks,
Just thin, trim, pretty Goldielocks.
Go fuck yourself and maybe then
You'll recollect, remember when
The moment it was right for you
Despite the shit you put me through;
The tears I cried,
The nights I died,
The times I won't remember why.

And all for what?

A bitter self-promotion freak
With narrow wits and logic weak.
And although you can do the math
You haven't seen my darkest wrath.
To leave you lonely,
Sugar dear,
And that, I think's, your greatest fear.

Written in the Rain

No redemption for empty emotions
Shallow, hollow...
Nothing ever good
Comes of longing over
Someone and
Something you
Can't and will
Never have, nor you would
Ever want.
You can fuck all the people in the world and till
Never feel anything even
Closely resembling
Yet if there isn't someone there
To warm you when you're cold
Or comfort you when you're bold

Rain, Rain Go Away

Rain down on me 'till I don't feel no more,
'Till I don't cry no more,
'Till I don't hurt no more.
Rain down on me 'till it don't rain no more.
Let it rain.
Let it pour.
Let it storm.
Fall unto me 'till I don't pain no more,
'Till I don't ask no more,
'Till I don't want no more.
Fall unto me 'till you can't fall no more.
Let us fall.
Let us dive.
Let us mourn.

Why We Went Metric

Your sharp green eyes stare into me with
Sweet, languid aggression.
I love every second of your face.
You do not smile,
But crinkle the corners of your
Thin, crescent lips.
Secretly you love the attention.
I can see it in your brow.
Don't think for a minute that I don't know how
I slide into your subconscious
Like a cheap hooker into satin sheets.
You want me to want you but don't want me back.
Every hour of every day I agonize,
But that's okay, because I don't really need you...
Well, perhaps I do,
But I won't waste eternity deciding.

Field of Dreams

Come to the field where the grass lay low
And I'll show you a trick or two.
'Lo the stars' tepid shine,
And the moon's vacant glow,
I will roll you in cold morning dew.

Kiss me in the field where the grass lay low
And I'll taste of your sweet tongue and lips.
With your hands pressing mine,
And our legs intertwined,
I will put to good use your trim hips.

Deep in the field where the grass lays low
I remember the sight of your face.
And the sight where we lay
Still can't keep me away
As I recollect falling from grace.

Why I Can't

Suicide's a selfish act.
I cannot bear to press down even momentarily
As I trace my wrist with the sharp metal
I think of you probably more than you think of me,
But I know you care.
There is no way you can't.
A piece of you will be me forever.
When I see my reflection in the blade,
I see you behind me.
If I hold not the knife, I see you not.
Much sorrow rests on your weary soul
And you need not more.
Your pain is my own -
And I for one know,
You don't need a knife in my wrist
And I don't need a pain in your heart.
I'll love you forever,
Your little girl.


"You laugh because I'm different.
I laugh because you're all the same."
I saw that on a tee-shirt once.
They mass-produce them.

Life Sucks My Diction

I don't know if you
Know how
It feels
But I
All I can
You know
How it feels
For a girl
With no family
Is just a
You need to come to
Your senses
Are clouded
Like Drano in a sink
When finally it all just
Goes down
On you


It's cold when you're alone,
Nowhere to go.
You are frigid and aching -
A soul without a body.
No warmth or
Blanket of security.
Just you.
And the darkness closes in.
The sun sets and you remain.
Just you.

All That I Wanted

Tears fall slowly,
To my stiff upper lip.
And they linger like salt,
Although they are bitter.
They taste so stupid
Because of his ignorance.
He'd never know;
He would never give me a chance.
He never tasted me
As I now taste him.
He tastes like jealousy
And everything I had ever wanted.
But I'll never have him
And now I don't think I'll ever want him again.

It Really Is Your Loss

I am pretty,
So fuck you.
And I am sexy,
So fuck you.
Don't say that I'm fat
Because you're too skinny anyway.
And girls with glasses are a major turn on -
Everyone knows that.
My freckles give me character
And yours are too few and far between.
Not a word about my teeth.
A gap means you'll go places in life -
And that you give great head,
But it's not like you'll ever know.

Locke Me Up

I want you to take control over me,
But let me be your weakness.
Don't be my Ashley Wilkes
When all I want is Rhett Butler.
I'll bring the silk ties,
And you bring the handcuffs.
Teach me about literature
And I'll show you some juxtapositions.


And why not?
Why shouldn't you be popular?
Fawned over by women galore?
Distract me into oblivion?
Why not?
It's not as if you make me anxious,
It couldn't be that.
Why does everyone stare?
Do I make myself so obvious?
I can't.
But as you drive by in your shiny SUV
With the platinum blonde on the
Passenger side,
I sit here and wait at the bus

Strong and Mellow

WIth the certainty of my cries,
You pull the lash back fast.
You want to get it over with
So we can move on.
I pull off the faded corset,
The one with the burst elastic entrails.
You take out the stub of a candle
And melt the wax to my chest.
It still stings, but not like before.
When you bend me over
It's almost as sexy as yesterday.
Your insults are as fresh as last night's semen,
And the opera tickets lie
On the refrigerator door -


Rows and columns of letters and numbers
Surround me in a threatening manner.
The college bookstore that sells
Writing tablets and pencils,
Calculators and pens,
New and used.
That horrid yellow sticker catches my eye,
And he walks on past me.
Last night was nothing but
The stars in the sky and his dick in my mouth.
I'd say his pleasure gave me mine,
But with the lights off
I couldn't even see him -
Although I felt it at the time.
I feel nothing now,
But gaze at the ragged, dog-eared paperbacks
With the marigold labels
And think.

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